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Growing so fast!


Wow- Korben is 6 Months & 1 Week old !! 

  Wow- It has been over 7 Months since I have updated this. I couldn't figure out how to log into it for the longest time. Time just literally has slipped through my fingers. Almost everyday I think about the day Korben was born!! He's getting so big. I'm not quite sure how much he weighs. I would estimate 18 pounds? His next appointment is in January.

Well, Korben is a happy bundle of joy! He always slept very well. He's on a very good schedule. On average he will sleep from 9pm to 7am. ( I wake him at 7 to feed him.) But when I'm off work he will sleep until 8/8:30/sometimes 9am.

He enjoys laughing, smiling, sticking his tongue out (It's his new thing) He also loves lovesss to roll! Now that he can roll both ways -He thinks he rules the living-room!! 
I actually put him in his jumper for the first time today- And he loved it. I kept a close eye on him though since it was a new experience. Click here to see a picture of it